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The BLATCHFORD family of Polperro

Visitors to Talland church may see a plaque on the south wall, erected by friends and parishioners to the memory of Thomas Blatchford, born October 21 1819, died July 30 1902, who was Parish Clerk of Talland for 32 years.

The plaque underneath records the tragic loss of three of Thomas and Mary Blatchford's seven sons and two daughters.

The Blatchford family is believed to have come originally from Devon. Thomas's father, George, was born in Lostwithiel in 1784 and became a miller. He married Ann Copplestone from St. Winnow in 1808 and the couple moved to Pelyn Mill, Lanlivery where they raised a family of nine children including Thomas, born in 1819, who married Ann Stick of Tywardreath before moving to Talland. Thomas, an agricultural labourer, later became a gardener and, as the plaque in Talland church shows, the Parish Clerk.

It was one of Thomas and Mary's younger sons, William Stick Blatchford, who married a Polperro girl, Priscilla Jolliff, in 1880 and, with their three sons and four daughters, founded the Polperro branch of the Blatchford family. William was a mason and as his family grew, so did his business; many of the buildings in Polperro and surrounding area stand as a reminder of his skill as a master builder.

Although the Blatchfords do not claim to be one of the oldest families in Polperro, their links with others such as the Jolliffs, Olivers, Toms and Holtens ensure that they have become an integral part of the history of Polperro.

Text and photo by Des Adams. Further information on the family would also be welcomed.

Further details of the Blatchford family of Polperro can be obtained from Jeremy Rowett Johns:

E-mail: jeremy.johns@polperro.org

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