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The FOWLER family of Polperro

The Fowler family itself gradually disappeared during the 19th century in Polperro, though the name continued to be adopted by other families who had married into the family.

One of the earliest mentions of the family occurs in the Talland church registers when, following Hugh Fowler's death in January 1749, he was "buried in woollen" according to the law at the time, introduced to stimulate the flagging wool trade.

Hugh Fowler's great-grandson John, born in Polperro in 1779, married Ann Rean Polgrean and became a ship-owner. The couple had six daughters and three sons, one of whom, Charles (1812-1889), was also a master mariner and ship owner like his father. One of his vessels was the Lady Eliot, wrecked off Padstow in 1864. Charles Fowler married Jane Quiller Lane in 1834.

Their son John, born in 1835, also went to sea, joining the Royal Navy but was killed at the age of 22 while serving with a Naval Brigade in India during the Indian Mutiny in March 1858, "struck down by a cannon ball in the moment of victory."

John Fowler's sister, Mary Quiller Fowler (named after her maternal grandmother Elizabeth Quiller) married a local farmer William Edgcumbe and, after a few years in Iowa, USA, the couple settled back in Polperro in 1888.

Mary Quiller Fowler (1843-1920) with her grandmother, Ann Rean Fowler (ne้ Polgrean). The shawl that Ann Fowler is wearing is now on display at the Polperro Heritage Museum.

Further details of the Fowler family of Polperro can be obtained from Jeremy Rowett Johns:

E-mail: jeremy.johns@polperro.org

Further information on the family would also be welcomed.

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