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The PUCKEY family of Polperro


The Puckey family that settled in Polperro in the 19th century originated from the Fowey area. The Polperro branch settled in Lansallos following the marriage of John Puckey and Elizabeth Johns there in 1758.

Two of their four sons married local girls: John (born 1760) to Sarah Richards and his younger brother William (born 1764) to Jane Mark. Two of William and Jane's sons, William and James, were imprisoned in one of Napoleon's prison camps in France during the Napoleonic wars, probably having been among the crew of a captured Polperro privateer.

Puckey cup On their release, the two brothers returned to Polperro where William got married to Mary Venton and 1815 and James married Jane Fisher in 1822. To mark their 10th wedding anniversary, Jane gave her husband a 'loving cup', inscribed James Puckey, Polperro 1832. The cup (pictured right) is now in the possession of Trevor Elam in Huddersfield.

Many of William and Jane's 17 grandsons were fishermen, though some later joined the Royal Navy while others farmed locally. The Puckey family was once one of the largest of all the old Polperro families but by the beginning of the 20th century there were only a small number still remaining in the parish.

Reginald Puckey

Reginald Puckey (1838-1919), son of Edward and Susan, was among more than 80 Polperro fishermen photographed by Lewis Harding in the latter half of the 19th century. Their portraits, which include several other members of the Puckey family can be seen today in the Polperro Heritage Museum. See also Lewis Harding - Cornwall's Pioneer Photographer - click here




  Further details of the Puckey family of Polperro can be obtained from Jeremy Rowett Johns:

E-mail: jeremy.johns@polperro.org

Further information on the family would also be welcomed.

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