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Victorian Photographs

Lewis Harding, a grandson of the Rev. Sir Harry Trelawny of Trelawne, lived between 1807 and 1893. After many years abroad, he returned to live at Trelawne in the 1850s and later in Polperro itself. It was during this period of his life that Harding became interested in photography and for several years until his death he took some of the earliest photographs in Cornwall, mostly of Polperro and its inhabitants, many of which have survived to this day.

Lewis Harding photograph of Polperro, 1860s The photograph reproduced here is a fine example of Lewis Harding's photography dating from the 1870s. An artist, believed to be William Henry Pike (1846-1908) sits opposite the Three Pilchards inn in Polperro. The cart at the harbour slip-way in the foreground belonging to A.R.N. Searle of Talland is filled with chunks of lime, used by farmers to improve their soil.

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Lewis Harding's life and photography is celebrated in a new book just published by the Polperro Heritage Press containing nearly 100 photographs taken by Harding, many of them portraits of local fishermen and children in Polperro. Click here for further details.

Jeremy Rowett Johns, Polperro Heritage Museum © 2000

Visit this page again soon when we hope to have more of Harding's historic photographs of Polperro in Victorian times

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